Intoxication of Awareness – Original Poem

Is it my turn to wish you were lying next to me
Shared agony
Another place; another time
The sun is not warm without your touch

I’m drowning in this empty pool

In this distance, your silence is a meanness sweeping through my soul
I’m so alone; but this loneliness is not caused by the toxic acid eating away at my skin from the distance that separates us
It is within me

Loneliness is only the resistance to being at peace with one’s self
I know that now
I learned that from your kiss

Awakened by a baptism when I felt the wetness of your lips on mine

You predicted a prophecy that I would once again rise to find the extraordinary self

On the white horse you rode away toward the setting sun; not to escape our bond, but to continue my education of found glory

The teacher, the lover, the friend
An noble love from the heart of the most innocent

We look to others for purpose
You looked at me and saw hope

I share this breath with you intoxicating me with a rainbow of warm light

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