From the Eyes of Another – Original Poem

From the eyes of another
I can see the world from high above this clear blue sky

From the eyes of another
I find peace in the cherubic laughter of your fortress of curiosity

We welcomed you into this world with a beam of light and the purity of a soft snowfall

Blue clarity
A world undefined
Without harm, without prejudice, without bias

From the eyes of another, I remember the reason for being
Existence with meaning

Someday you will carry the torch of the love I give you
Keeping the flame burning so that your children will feel the electricity of humanity rich in the fruits of nectar

With wings you will fly
Soaring above the people and places that taught you to survive
In flight, witnessing the grandeur of giving; the peak of generosity you will release your wisdom for the millions waiting for direction

From the eyes of another, I remember once again why we live and continue the pursuit of a great unknown
Remind me with your blue-eyed glare and the soft connection of those tiny fingers

Welcome to your world

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