In Darkness – Tribute to the Charleston Shooting Victims

There is a darkness where there was once light
A church steeple now silenced of its familiar chimes

A congregation mourning; a city in tears

Grey clouds fill the sky torturing the sun and prohibiting its spotlight over the Holy City

Gathered in prayer; stricken of faith
In a moment, a celebration of life became a resting place tainted in the blood of hatred

Begging in weakness for answers

A higher power watching as his children sing
Echos of hymns muted; screams then deafness

Wandering the streets, citizens cry and wonder
Questions running aimlessly through our empty hearts

A day has past
Once again, the glistening sun rose over the harbor in a morning calm
Floral fragrance ordains

Crowds gather in solidarity
Reminded of the power of community; the foundation of love
A family, not defined by color, hand in hand solidifies a bond from every church and temple to the edge of the ocean

A sanctuary of hope built on the resistance of fear

From the tip of that majestic Cooper River Bridge to the footsteps of children running on the beaches of Folly, there is a strength greater than bullets within the arms of acceptance

Charleston will once again rejoice and sing

For peace; for hope; for family

Darkness reigns now

Soon a thousand candles will light this city and the once again rise

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