Tragic Comedy – Original Poem

It’s a mental mind fuck
Gay or straight
Black or white
Depression or happiness

A blurry line clouds my judgement between acceptance and insanity
Growing up on the street corners filled with the angst of breaking curfew

It was a time of simplicity
A time of righteousness, when there was no definition
Friends shared a 40 and an empty dream
We were fine with that

Corruption was a game we played with spray paint and spirit

What is going on in this melting pot of ignorance?
We hate one another just to be accepted by a mass of faceless names

Guns may kill, but words wound

I found love inked on a slip of paper tucked inside a fortune cookie
I added a hash tag and make a statement

Now it flies in the wind for the next cause
A symbol of a world we want; a world we are afraid to act upon

We pray to heal, but no one is bleeding
Coy in our mourning disguising the pain in wine and beer

What is this game of deception we play on the board game of life?
It is a foolish attempt to care

Where are you Lord?
What are you waiting for Jesus?

You taught us to love and we still kill

Punish us
Embrace us

Or just address us with the ultimate gesture; a word from the mouth of a jester acting as a king as we all play in this tragic comedy

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