My Heart Still Beats – Original Poem

I lost my best friend today
I stare at her lifeless body lying on the cold ceramic floor

She spoke of angels taking her by the hand and taking her to this place we always dreamed about
Patience paid off for those angels
They came in with a gust of wind and left shivers to those that still feel the pain of life

My heart still beats
A little slower; a little harder

When we were eleven we made a promise under a tree to always be there and protect one another from the evil demons hiding in the clouds

Under that tree we kissed and made a promise
That promise is under a pile of dirt in a box with the words written “Best Friends Forever” on a small piece of paper
Legal and binding under the witnessing eyes of the red cardinals flying just above

We danced around the tree, hand in hand never to let go

It was a love stronger than any force strengthened by the innocence of a childhood promise

She dreamed
She dreamed
Too much

The punches came in, over and over
Even when she was down, they kicked with so much force and might
She got up, looked them in the eyes and danced

She danced in the rain, in the face of a tornado and in the midst of lightning

Today her feet stopped and gravity won dropping her to her finally earthly moment

My heart still beats

We used to ask what was the secret of life
Each year, we added a little more to our theory

We hugged a little closer
Each hug made it clearer

I don’t want to see the look in her mother’s eyes or the tears dripping down her father’s aged face
They invested the life lesson

We just took a long time to get there.

We woke up one day and the answer was love

It was in the dance, the kiss, the hugs and the promise

I’m too tired to cry now
I will. I will cry with all the love I have

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