Stranger Behind the Glass – Original Poem

What color is your soul?
Can enemies become brothers?
Are we still fighting the wars of our fathers?

The blood has dried forever but we remain scarred
Bruised and battered
Porous skin leaving permanent tattoos of the wounds

The fighting goes on
Bullets disguised as depression, loneliness and fear

In the comfort of strangers, we find temporary solace
We turn to these strangers behind the glass to reveal our inner most secrets

The closer we are, the further we have become

My favorite mistake was loving you
No regrets
No looking back

A disaster from the start; sucked into a merry-go-round of impending doom
Round and round we went
Faster and faster
The flowers flew off
The gifts shattered with the force of the spin
Hearts raced
Love died
The horses stopped spinning

Into the arms of another
A quick release
A new ride
No seat belt; crash predetermined

The noise is louder now
More have joined the fight
Screaming inside for the silence to return

Flowers in the meadow
Solitary warmth

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