Chasing Sleep – Original Poem

I have been chasing sleep since sunset
Yearning for that dream of the day we met

A childhood innocence
A future of promise written in sand on the playground

Reckless and abandoned
I sit listening to the silence deafen me
Awakened by the darkness, comfort is found in the isolationist home I have built
A stillness complimented by the statues of my past; emotionless reminders of the mistakes

In several hours, this body will take on zombie like features
Movements like clockwork ticking along
Listening to the orders from leaders without faces
Fulfilling a routine repeated and repeated

Life and sub-conscious have manifested a new world
My alarm rings in dreamland
In the distance, a claustrophobic chime boils my blood releasing an avalanche of anxiety

Chasing sleep with my eyes closed and a waiting room in purgatory designed just for me
Up, my dreams fly free
Down, a reality I cannot gain control of

It’s late
It’s early
Time has lost meaning

Piercing the skin to feel
Tasting the blood to replenish the soul

I live when all the world lay at rest

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