Light My Candle – Original Poem

Heaven and Earth spinning in my soul

You are the rock in which I stand hovering over this endless abyss below
Light my candle and protect me from the wind

I have been lucky in life; not in love
My light always looses its flame the moment light and darkness meet

Now I promise by the light of our hearts
In these words, I give to you all I have

Do you recall the moment of inception?
The absolute instant when time stopped and dreams and reality collided as our eyes met
It was the birth of my life
Not my first breath; my first heartbeat shared for another

You whispered to me in our shared language

I wrote your name in the clouds and engraved our secret promise on the stones in the sand

You told me someday I would fall and you would be there to catch me
You said someday I will know the piercing feeling of emotional pain
You saw the future in the lines of my palms

Now this candle burns
Brighter and higher, sending smoke past the moon and stars into the heavens

If I could, I would forever lie our souls in a mystical bed

For now I can only hope that when the spinning stops you will be there to protect my candle from the wind

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