Sweet Destiny – Original Poem

Sweet destiny
How long have you been searching for me?

I have heard your song with every sunrise passing through the waves and harmonizing in the sweet sounds of birds up above

In the churches and temples you have looked and prayed
I have been here all along

Sweet destiny

I have hurt you with this game of hide and seek
Secured in the fortress of life’s walls

Now, on a bed of stars I wait
In the burning sun, I am cooled by your presence
As a comet raises by foreshadowing a life of adventure, I ponder in thought

I’ve met you
I’ve loved you
I have spent a lifetime creating our story in the imaginary fish tank in my head
Our life together has been sprinkled with fairy dust

Sweet destiny

Take me away from the darkness
Give me light

So many failures
Secure in my insecurities
Alone for one brief isolated moment
Absolute silence

Out of the black hole, the laughter, tears and crying explode
As the debris clears, you stand
Beautiful in my eyes

My numbness is pierced
Once again I feel

Sweet destiny

I am rescued

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