Hope – Original Poem

We are born to learn
To go beyond limitations in a quest for the monumental pursuit of purpose
Hope lives in all of us

The power to be great; to unleash compassion with a river of tears is the ultimate legacy

I’m caught between beginning and end

It’s hard to believe it is over

You are free
Free to be
Alone with the shackles of memories

That is when you need someone that will fill your basket with hope
Someone to bring you home

Let it be me
Let it be me
A friend in the naked darkness to cover your fragile body

Let it be me to push the clouds away and welcome the sun to melt the ice formulating around your heart

The lessons of life are written in this book
The pages are faded from all the tears

It is time to throw away these words of ignorance and re-write it together

I always will
I always will in the end be there

Let it be me
Your hope
You love

I will wait
When you open your eyes, an answer will be revealed

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