The Pledge – Original Poem

The songs I sing
The words I write
The dreams I save

Tonight, like perfectly placed breast strokes, a light layer of clouds shielded the mighty moon
In the sand, hypnotized by the stars, thoughts of you elevated in a symphony of memories

I’m just another writer torn to the ground
Down on my knees I evoke the great gesture
Witnessed by the spirit of my mother and a thousand ghosts of from my past

Take me back to your place
Take me home

The serenity of the night reminds me of my desire for you
Heated with passion
Cooled by the comfort of destiny

Honey, my love is real

I see your smile in the empty night sky
Masked, I steal your kisses from his nameless face

The whistles and horns of distant boats ringing inside me; torturing me with the pressure to awaken from this self induced coma

With a single nod, I will return to your womb


Honey, my love is real; a pledge written in blood uniting us for all eternity
With this rose, a symbol of your beauty rests forever on my chest

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