No Happy Ending – Original Poem

There is no happy ending
There are happy middles

Small moments of clarity in a world of chaos

As a princess growing up in the sand castle by the beach, rainbow dreams formulate as you look out to the endless abyss of your kingdom into the great ocean unknown

A manifestation of a prince riding in a white horse to rescue and protect happily ever after

In a blink, a runaway train hits you and swings you into a deserted dirty car rusted away by the waters of innocence

Friends become enemies
Enemies become brothers

He was the best you ever had
Who is going to replace him?

Within those dark brown eyes you were blinded by the darkness of a fantasy lost
The white horse disguised as a bike
Long white cape, a leather coat

In the last page of the book, you read over and over

Into the forest of enchantment

The middle
The middle
That is where the key was hidden

Now, you wait on this bed of satin surrounded by natures guards in the forest
Time has made this face unrecognizable
The prince knows no path
The road is paved with broken dreams

Rain falls now washing away what might have been
The moments in the middle, lost
The pages faded

In the end, there will be an answer
Waiting, patiently to sing a final lullaby

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