Insanity of Genius – Original Poem

Is genius a sentence of death?
Brilliance above sanity; a rape of civility

Nurturing the mind with artistic insanity to leave a legacy of doubt
What might have been with time and comfort and understanding

To read the signs; to identify the cure…
Untapped perfection the papers will read
That is the story they will write; the history to be told

Sex, drugs, rock and roll; all for a moment of silence
Violated and betrayed by its own devices
A victim of mail fraud; the directions for life were too cryptic to encode
Torn pages from all the battles

Is it too soon to walk off the cliff reaching for the setting sun
A leap of faith
Acceleration of thoughts
A thousand blinks of an eye

Genius is a penetration of the mind
A triangulation of spirituality, emotion and intellect
It bleeds faster as it is exposed

A disease without cure
A runaway train with no escape
A power so fierce

Victimized at birth to leave behind something so special
A prodigy to those that need a voice

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