Through Your Eyes – Original Poem by Nikki Clark

I finally saw it through your eyes.
The years of pain from loving my lies.

You wait alone and patiently, while I lay in bed not alone nor asleep.
I feel the pain of an aching hole as your piercing eyes touch my soul.

I want to speak but cannot find words, no sorry will take from you this hurt.
And finally I see the truth it broke my heart but I broke yours first.

The emptiness I tried to fill with drunken nights and sleeping pills.
I never had to feel that way if only I had chosen to stay.

In your arms I had a home a heart that loved only my own.
I see you now so far from me even with your hand is in my reach.

Forgive me I beg of you, even though we can’t escape this truth
With or without you I am only yours.

I think of your skin pressed straight to mine, curled up in bed time after time.
Your lips, your touch, you whisper sweet that you always been in love with me.
But it is not me you will hold tonight. And all those memories haunt my nights

I wrap your shirt around me tight and pray for the sun to swiftly bring the light.

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