Love in the Library – Original Poem

Keeper of knowledge
Honey on the lips
Secret smile behind the glass that magnifies the glowing green in her eyes

You are beautiful my love, as I close my eyes and get lost in the words of fantasy; the worlds of disbelief

Behind the counter rested comfortably behind the solitude of generations of great writers, she looses herself deep in thought

An intimate betrayal of reality
Safely coveted in the between the words on the page

She is a mystery
Quiet and serene
Welcoming and distant

She sees princes we cannot see
Hears harmonies we cannot hear

Turns a hallway to a circus
A table into an auditorium
A nightmare into a fantasy

Love is all around
Beckoning the chatter of yesteryear
Infinite possibilities in they immortal bindings

The librarian smiles softly
A gentle whisper off the tip of her lips as she takes you on a journey
She holds the key to unlock a world beyond rational thought
A suspension of all we know

She takes our hand and lets us all fall in love

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