Your Soul is Ageless – Original Poem

Your soul is ageless
You don’t break; nor falter
No sign of suffocation when there is no air

From Audrey to Kathryn to Marilyn, you define a classic look
As delicate as porcelain; fine as crystal

Boys whimper at your presence
Men brought to their knees in silence as worlds shatter before their weak eyes

A tiger without a roar; shark without a bite
Kingdoms crumble with a sign of a smile, the look

Long soft eternal legs linger with satin softness.
A journey to the highest altitude
A milestone of precious lips only found by a few brave men

Sliding down a pillar of ice in slow motion to watch her dance on the clouds
A moment of moments; the price of perfection; unattainable,

poem2She rides off on the back of a unicorn; head to toe in a thin white dress
The curves of her body translucent through the thin layer of silkiness

With the weight of a thousand horses, she stands firm
Solid and free

She is the sunlight that guides journeyman to a better tomorrow
An ageless soul to be inspired by all, shared by none

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