A Little Boy Saw a Little Girl – Original Poem

He was a little boy who saw a little girl
He fell in love

That is all he ever wanted
No fairy tale; no kingdom by the sea; no fanfare
Someone to bathe in a pool of enchantment with; someone to care for the wounds of a life piercing for blood

In you, he found the depth of a soul filling it with warm savory love

When she coughed, he ran through the deserts and storms to be by her side

To be sacrificed for the chance to have her breathe a little longer would be his eternal reward

In the darkness, waiting patiently

Hands open and free to feel their shared touch until time ran its course

Looking down upon her with the generosity of a thousand angels sharing the message of peace in a temple of sunlight and flowers

He was a little boy that loved a little girl

He drank from her navel; the softest cup he had ever sipped from

She smiled and said a prayer wishing forever they would dance in that moment

Singing to her a lullaby passed down from his mother to her newborn son

Soon, she too will sing to another
One with a glimmer in his young eyes once shared by an older reflection of himself

Little bear, little bear sleep tight under the twinkle of the starry night

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