The Rainfall – Original Poem

The rain has fallen hard in this concrete jungle
Flooding from the tears of the poor
Lying paralyzed as the water pounds through this porcelain skin exposing the porous vulnerability

A million teardrops from a world lost in its journey to enlightenment
A path toward meaning tortured by emptiness

The rain is falling faster
With lightning speed and the power of a monster, it blocks the vision of an eagles eye

Empires fall
Buildings tumble
Dynasties buried to be found a thousand years forth

From the heated bed of rocks, the rain ignites the steam

I dreamed I was flying high above these clouds
To look down upon the crying faceless souls
Dry above the conflicts; denials; struggles

I dreamed I was soaring hand in wing with falcons
A shared journey to another play where the sun is a friend warming us with stories of a bright tomorrow

The grey clouds grow darker
The rainfall continues
A future unknown
A road unseen

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