Shattered in Pieces – Original Poem

Every night as I lay alone, I dream
Dream of a perfect life I am yet to find
A life of fulfillment; a life led with meaning
A purpose buried deep beneath these footsteps that repeat in an infinite circle

Sober with this bottle, I wander without a single movement
Still as a statue
A brain trapped; absorbing all around

In this darkness, I see everything
I feel without touching

See the infinite soul of Galileo
The pen of Dylan documenting the angst of a generation
The confused brilliance of the brain of Brian Wilson
The pain of the migrant workers from the misguided perfection of Steinbeck

I am broken, savoring in the pieces scattered in the wind

Someday the winds of change will take me home to a place I can close my eyes in peace
The voices will silence for just a moment
One brief moment to find my way back to a time of innocence; a time of love

Under the stars, head nestled on a volume of the scriptures
Heaven and hell a two voided bubbles neutralized by the staff of life

What will I be?
Beyond the bang is the answer
Written on a piece paper from the feather of an angel
Hidden away for just the right time

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