Wishing for You – Original Poem

hands1I wish you could see what you mean to me
Strip the layers of lies; numb the screeching of anger
Stand naked in the spotlight of truth

You say I’m a dreamer, but I only dream of you
In the past, a wanderer, but now I seek shelter in you

Wake up
Wake up
Wake up

Staggering through life bumping into strangers
Once here, now gone

Just pieces scattered on the floor representing an unfinished puzzle of memories

An escapist in a life you cannot leave
Not in seclusion
Not in suicide
Not in denial

To find my way back to you
Over mountains
Across treacherous seas

hands2On this island with thoughts as my companion, I think
Pondering time lost; meditating on a life not yet lived
Balanced in mental and physical symmetry

In the center; the eye of the hurricane, a vision of your face
Calm and surreal

Welcoming with your soft virgin hands

I wish you could see what I see
A world where forgiveness is rewarded
Peace is blessed with bounties
Love is the restoration of hope

Close your eyes and feel the sun release its energy into your soul
You will see

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