What if – Original Poem

regret1What if we suspended the normal path of life’s train and set it off course?
What if every regret was a sign of a better tomorrow
What if her death taught me to love

In an instant
A crash louder than a sonic boom changed everything
In an unforeseeable act of tragedy, a life is stripped
The living remain; naked
Beating hearts still
Unanswered questions blowing in the wind

What if the story of my life is only a preamble to something much larger than my self; this place; this existence

Hidden behind a secret identify
Up front; masked in insecurity
Secure behind the mask

What if love only exists for the few
The pure

I have sinned
I admit that
I have lived a life of fault
Slightly broken and imperfect

regret2Each day I awake, I promise myself I will break the chain and move forward
Only to repeat once again
Over and over I cry
Wanting more
Yearning for someone to hear these screams

What if they all had a purpose to protect me; to guide to
They walked away, but never disappeared.
Resting comfortably in my mind

What if I follow that light now?

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