Jessica and Jeremiah 8.29.15 – A Virtual Wedding Album

“And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said I need a caretaker, so he created a farmer.” – Paul Harvey

In the small neighboring towns of Senecaville and Lore City, Ohio with a total combined population of no more than 600, two families came together high above the plains on a farm filled with cows, bulls, chickens, turkeys, two dogs, two cats and a silence that could soothe the soul.  On this day, there wasn’t the grooms family, brides family or friends of the family.  On this day, there was one family enjoying a moment of celebration to ring in a lifetime of happiness.

For Jessica and Jeremiah, dedicating their lives to working hard, getting up before the sun and ensuring the land is cared for was an easy decision.  This was a decision made through unconditional love for one another.

We were fortunate to be part of this journey.  From the flat lands of the Lowcountry to the rolling hills of the farms of Ohio, we enjoyed a beautiful and memorable ride.

This is a story about family, heritage and history with the promise of a new generation to carry on in the footsteps of cowboys boots that have but on thousands of miles.

Come along for this virtual journey through the special nuptial weekend of Jessica and Jeremiah:

Just minutes upon arrival after a nine hour drive, we were greeted by two very proud turkeys and chickens on our way up to the rehearsal on top of the property.  The view of the blue skies and bright puffy clouds made for an extraordinary setting.

Our view from the car as we made the last turn to our final destination.

This event was about family.  A union of two; a joining of all.  During the wedding, there were three glass jars of soil.  One large one filled with soil from the farm, one from the home where Jessica was raised and one from the home where Jeremiah was raised.  On the day of the wedding, these three jars became one in a symbolic gesture of eternal union.

Even the bails of hay had a romantic and rustic aura.

Throughout the tent were reminders of the reason we all came out for this wedding.  The smile on Jessica’s face and the sturdy look of Jeremiah, spoke volumes.

Words of love rang throughout the tent in true country style.

Each guest table and the special family tables were ordained with intricate detail.

This is a summer wedding so you need to be prepared with bug wipes.

After a long day of driving, rehearsal and catching up until well past 2 AM, I was greeted on my bed with a small furry sleeping companion.

The big day had arrived and you could not have gotten better weather.  From the hands of the heavens to the farms of Ohio, this was a day destined for perfection.

The hay is bailed but will have to wait another day because today is a day of celebration.

Most will agree that Jessica is Jeremiah’s best friend.  If you spend time with Jeremiah, you may see some competition.  Roxy is truly a companion.  Her loyalty and caring nature was seen throughout the entire day with one of the most precious moments being when she walked around just as the wedding began and then sat patiently just to the right of the bride and groom.  Later in the evening, you could have even enjoyed a sentimental moment when Jeremiah lifted Roxy and danced with her.

No better site than two farmers with a smile.  This was a candid shot of Jeremiah with his best man.

Brian is the proud father in law and father to Jessica.  During the drive from Lore City to Senecaville (10 Minutes), Brian with his beer in hand (he was not driving) gave us the tour of the two towns and all his adventures growing up.

Like a cowboy prom, everyone was ready for the wedding.  Even the future little cowboy and cowgirl.  I dare you find find a more proud group.

The youngest farmer is all ready for the big event to begin.

Almost time to tip our hats to the formal Mr. and Mrs. Miley.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen are escorted out on a tractor and seats of hay.  They all look handsome and beautiful.

The bride is stunning carried hand in hand by her proud father Brian.

In a moment of perfect timing, a plane landed just as Jeremiah was about to say “I Do”.  A little back story.  The pilot was asked to take some aerial shots of the wedding and was invited to have a meal after.  He just didn’t know the timing of the actual wedding so he decided to land on the hill in what appeared to be the groom’s great escape.  A truly classic moment.  The minister, played so well by grandmother and minister Carol, took it in stride and asked Jeremiah the question.

ohio17A union was formed.  Might we see children in the near future?

Love was all around even to the finest of detail.

In the ultimate gift of lasting memory, a bench was built and each guest was asked to sign as a permanent reminder of all that shared in this special day.

Not sure how much longer they can keep these shirts tucked in and being all formal.

The entire day and weekend was truly about family.  They are the foundation of all we stand for.  Faith, family, hope and happiness.

If you are going to leave as a unified team for the rest of your lives, do it in style, on an Oliver.

This was a candid moment that was captured, but I dare you to tell me this doesn’t look like a country album cover.

As the Charleston guests and outsiders, there was never a moment we didn’t feel like family.  Dressed in our best wine colors we felt right at home.  From helping to decorate to breaking down the tables and chairs, we pitched as as any family would.  The trip would not have been complete without the hospitality of Jessica and Jeremiah and Kerry and Brian offering their homes to us.  Also, Carol and Frank spending time with us in their lovely home surrounded by flowers and nature.

Now for a relaxing minute.  And you thought I was kidding about Roxy.

The scenery was as important to the weekend as the wedding itself.  It provided the glory and majesty that made this country so strong and beautiful.  This is the front yard of Kerry and Brian’ home.  Add a cup of coffee and you have perfection.  On the first evening, we slept in the farm house that was built in 1826.  Just 11 years from a bicentennial celebration.

ohio6We cannot do justice to Carol and Frank’s home, but we will try with a few pictures.

One more.

Flowers for all the eye to see.

Spending time with our favorite world travelers made us want to stay longer.  As we drove to say goodbye to Carol and Frank, a song with the lyrics “Wish you could stay a little longer came on”  Later as we entered Virginia, Carolina on My Mind played.  Music played a critical role in this weekend.  Jessica and Jeremiah danced to If Tomorrow Never Comes for their first official married song together.  I Hope you Dance was a warm tribute to the weekend and a long future together for Jessica and Jeremiah.

We could not have been more honored to be a part of this weekend and in a way become part of two very close families.  Thank you.

To Jessica and Jeremiah:

Dance together as if no one is watching

Catch as many sunrises as you can

Remember the importance of family

Fill each day with memories until they overflow

Always remember to believe in faith.  It helped you find each other and it will help solidify your foundation.


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