Deperately Wanting – Original Poem

With love in her heart and flowers in her hair
Dancing through the sunflower fields exhilarated by the power of the sun
A free spirit gliding with the birds hovering over the clouds with scents of rosemary and basil showered down from the heavens
In an endless spin, the daisies fly off the sundress as it flies above her knees and the daffodils kiss the ankles
A guardian of creation; cherub watering the seeds of life with every twist and spiral

We are all desperately wanting

Hitchhiking through life looking for drivers to connect with until the road ends
A new face, uncharted roads; road blocks and open air
He offers you a drink, a small delight; a hallucinating escape
He sings a lullaby about the road
One about loneliness and the unsettling comfort of a world without boundary; without connection

We are all desperately wanting he says, as I depart at my next stop

A storm is awakened in the west
Dark grey clouds form on the battlefield in the sky
Ready to attack
A victory is near
Casualties will be drenched
Children drowned
A new beginning
Crying is heard as the clouds load their weapons.

All, desperately wanting

Families hold hands as they kneel in prayer
Sunlight pierces through the stain glass images of Jesus holding out his hands of acceptance
A boy peeks through one eye and see fear in the closed eyes of the congregation
They sing praises of uncertainty
Clinging to the hope of an eternal answer

As the man in white between the pillars leads his orchestra with a staff of written scriptures, we are reminded

Desperately wanting


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