Heaven is Closed – Original Poem

I knocked on the door
What seemed like an eternity, was only the beginning of one

I don’t know if they can hear
There is no sound

Without time I cannot comprehend
The space without walls has no beginning or end

I knock once again
A sign appears like a mystical illusion on the door
Written in Latin; cryptic and primitive

All my senses aware now; I translate

What can that mean?  Heaven is closed

I ponder for a moment a future that has no timeline
Am I here or there?  Can I leave this place or am I nowhere?

I sigh
One of the long deep sighs where one exhales carbon dioxide and inhales the pain of a thousand years of suffering

Yet no pain as my organs have been left behind
No skin to pierce
No body to hold

The soul is a funny thing
No touch, no reflection, no emotion
It’s a silly thought with no laughter

Heaven is closed
I am left to wonder
Is it full; have to many sinned or is it not real

Faith has a weird way of adding a twist at the strangest times

Heaven is closed.
Is it temporary?
I’ll wait without even knowing it

One thought on “Heaven is Closed – Original Poem

  1. Death is like a train ride. The cosmic express is taking you back to where you came from. Hell was an invention of the Christian mafia. So don’t worry about it you wouldn’t be a candidate for it anyway. Heaven is closed for lack of interest, it’s not what it is made out to be. It is full of hypocrites still kissing ass to gain favor with the sky god, So keep you seat an enjoy the ride the end of the ride is where you belong. Happy Eternity is the name of the play and no rehearsal is required for you already know the scrip by heart because you have been practicing all your life.

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