Hard Rain – Original Poem

Winds from the East; rain up above
The mighty gates of heaven woke up to a thunder roll

A peninsula drowning in tears

It was a moment of faith
Tested far beyond our reach
We braced in the temples and prayed for relief

It was a mighty hard rain falling on our home
Covering our memories
Drowning our hopes

Washing away the lives we had built; homes we had made
Generations watching from rescue boats as they said goodbye

A hard rain fell on a land still filled with scars
The sounds of tragedy still linger behind

In the darkness, we found heroes
Rising from this drenched hell
Helping neighbors
Providing shelter
Opening their doors to strangers

Soon the sun will rise high above the crystal clear blue skies

A smile from the angels
Opening their hearts for the anticipation of  new tomorrow

hard2A light will dry our land; warm our shivering bodies
Once again to be reminded of a special place filled with promise; aligned with strength

It is a place so few will understand
A place where history and the future collide
Where family is a fort never to be broken

A hard rain fell and today we sing and rejoice

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