A New Beginning – Original Poem

photo1I climbed so high I could see eternity
Deep beyond the clouds into the cosmos
My life is free; unconditional release
Circumventing the orbit of the sub conscious world we call reality

I can see clearly now
The grey smoke of hatred and fear have subsided
The vision is as clear as the entrance way between Heaven and Earth

The future belongs to another
A generation of change
The children are the guiding force in a world void of direction

They will overcome; destroying the immoral pit
Sharks swimming all around their parents
Venomous water snakes penetrating their skin with the poison of lust and greed

There is no rescue for them
No sign of retribution for the sins so deep they burn through the words of the bible with laser accuracy

A new book will be written
New laws, not governed by the lawless
Upheld by the innocence of right

Laughter will replace tears
The needy will reach out their hands as the powerful

photo2No following
The dignity of leadership will guide
Teaching one another
Lessons in pride, dignity, confidence and value

A new world order where money is but a symbol of a another time; another place; a relic of the past

It will be a place where children will slide down rainbows
Hugs will be the standard currency
Love will dictate all living things

A new beginning is upon us all

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