Why Additional Gun Control Legislation Just Won’t Work

numb1This morning, President Obama is discussing executive actions on gun control.  It is a noble act and in light of one of the most violent and deadliest years the United States has seen (outside of Civil War), it makes sense from the framework of a political mind.  In fact, on December 25 (Christmas), there were 27 gun related homicides (not including suicide) which was more than eight combined countries around the world for all of 2015.

The issue is simple:  These are just words on a piece of paper hidden behind the walls of a historic building with very little chance of leading to positive change.  I know that is a rather negative statement, but what we are witnessing is a political response.  When we have a tragic event, someone or something must answer and take responsibility and that is guns.

We are just brushing one thing under the rug but ignoring so many other key elements of the problem.

Let us take a look at other factors that need critical attention:

  • With population increase, there are volume increases in sub-groups within a population.  As federal and state funding decreases, some groups do not have the resources, shelters and often go undiagnosed.  That is the population of mentally ill.  As there are struggles to have institutions to house these individuals and health care cost concerns that result in so many going undiagnosed, we have a national issue of mental illness that needs immediate attention and resolution.
  • Social media has created a culture of immediacy, laziness, emotional disconnect, public forum without thought, process and due diligence and accessibility.  With the lines of global communication open, digital addictions, forced agendas and opinions and a general human disconnect, we are shut down from emotional connection and fragile to brain washing.
  • numb2The millennials are the “second” generation to fall pray to the social kidnapping that is creating a society of followers that are weakened by economic turmoil, lack of jobs, violence, overcrowding and hatred.  The parents were the first to begin with Farmville and end with the celebration of the Ku Klux Klan and Donald Trump.  Without strong parenting role models, our children have little hope.
  • Wage disparity.  The gap between the extreme rich and much higher majority in the poverty category has always been a part of the US infrastructure.  Now we are at the worst levels in over half a century and the gap is getting larger.  Money is the root of evil for many.  When 1% can buy 50% of the people, you will get backlash.
  • Education issues.  Ignorance is bliss.  Are there still schools and parents that believe blacks should still be slaves, rednecks shouldn’t date their family and financial institutions and politicians  are greedy agenda driven thieves.  Yes.  They are still pushing these narrow minded appeals on today’s youth.  Also, the quality of education is driving the US down in science and mathematics and make it difficult to compete for some of the most competitive careers as well.
  • Finally, apathy.  We are walking around like zombies (thus the popularity of the shows) without feeling, without emotion and most importantly without the need to feel responsibility for our own actions.

Maybe we need to look at all the factors and develop, not just legislation but examples of positive change not just for the good of our home, but the future of our planet.


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