The River – Original Poem

river1The river flows, carrying the debris of memories lost by the thorns of life
All I ever wanted; all I ever needed within reach, but life got in my way

On the edge I stand
A reflection of a face I do not recognize
Aged; warn; disguised

Water at rest
Tranquil as the first moments of eternal rest

The river knows many faces
Deadly to the soul of Jeff Buckley, murderous for the hazardous Richard Marx and depressing to the chords of Springsteen

Running faster; chasing the stream of the grand escape
The demons of noise long gone hiding in the comfort of the landscape of the city
Now the journey of a thousand currents welcomes me on a new journey

rocky-stream-backgroundWith fortitude, I find strength in the ache of a wounded heart
No more voices to corrupt this spirit
No more ties to a life led astray

Just a river
Refreshing body of life’s replenishment
Home to land and water beast

To stop and rest
To bathe in nature’s pool

Like the phoenix, I shall rise
By the river

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