When I’m Gone – Original Poem

type1If I die today, what will you say of me?
Will you rummage through my home?
My pictures, quotes, books, magnets and thoughts…

Will you analyze
Second guess your assessment of me?

Will my words live on?
Will you still feel my soul after I am gone?
A spirit lingering by your side

I still feel long after the final heartbeat
Aches in corners
Laughs in hallways

Now a legacy gathers dust behind closed doors
Erotic thoughts; deep fears; humble moments of solitude

My books
Constant reminders to feel; to be part of something

A numbness resonates between these walls now
Quiet comfort

room1Boxes sealed and removed through this open door one last time
New voices to be heard between the walls

One day, these memories will be released into the stars reunited in this infinite resting home

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