Ad Patrem Meum (To My Father) – Original Poem

father11Fatherhood; a blessing, masked in a curse, nurtured with a miracle

Infancy evolves to childhood
Childhood to adolescence
Adolescence to adulthood
Adulthood to reflection

The role of father yet, remains the same
Without complaint, without remission, without hesitation

Maturity heightens awareness
Heroism slides down an unpredictable path leaving a permanent imprint of vulnerability

A father lets you grow
To make mistakes
To learn
To thrive on a life of purpose

He doesn’t turn back when you journey on your own; nor turn away when you are in need of a helping hand

He served his country with honor, his family with respect; his career with dedication

Often his dreams on hold

father10He cheers in silence and applauds out loud
Modest and distant to the outside world
Warm and safe to us

His hug is like a fortress of safety
His words, often so few, inspire and light the flame of thought

Oh father
Oh father
Oh father

He will disagree every step of the way
Impose judgement
A fortress from the hate all around

His greatest perfection is his abundance of imperfection

He is a teacher with the greatest lesson; to live a life of virtue and meaning

The hunter, the warrior, the gentle beast

He is my father
















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