I’m Not Giving Up on You – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

Hell is easy, but Heaven’s worth the fight
Our love has see the highest light

Darkness falls upon our cradle
Still, alone and unable

Now I stare upon these words
Torn, chastised and left for scraps on the street corner of broken dreams
A heart bleeding its ink upon my toes

I’m not giving up on you
Through this shattered glass I cut myself staining it with the blood of a heart I pledged to you

To feel again
A tunnel of pain I must pass to find rebirth

To you I will come
Visions of your head resting upon my vulnerable mass

To you I will come
Wet deep kisses rendering my voice silent

To you I will come
Rekindle this flame that burns high above the mortal world we share

I must find a way
A way back to the place that was safe
A harbor welcoming me with the glow of its lighthouse

give1To touch the sand and hold your hand
To feel the sun and remember the fun
To caress your skin and wash away the sin

I’m not giving up on you
Not now

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