Pilgrimage – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

Good morning sunshine
Good night darkness

Love and pain; tears and laughter
The ingredients of a soup scorching us as we swim for survival
Reaching for the edge, hanging on for one more breath

We are the property bearers of body and soul
One deed
Lease for life, own for eternity

The terms are clear
Two guarantees a birth date and expiration

In between lies a dash
A great and powerful unknown

What we do
How we act
The steps we take
The wings we spread

That is the definition
That is what remains forever

pil1As I swim alone in the murky waters of life, I am not alone at being alone

I am a vessel, deed in hand, horizon in the wake
Causing waves in the pursuit of the perfect calm

Hello darkness
Goodnight light

I hear the sounds of a mother’s lullaby; clapping crowd; a proud tear

The waters part as I search for land to call home

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