A Birth of Humanity – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

Born Again
The final page of the novel lingers with unanswered questions

Eclipse of the sun

Like perfect porcelain shattered creating a jagged path to a new beginning

A new chapter
The corruption of untainted paper drenched with disillusion
A life in pieces scattered with fondness and regret

Prose of a morning swallow
Singing the song of loneliness awaiting the return of mother
A bounty netting on her beak as she flies in for a swift glide of heroism

The song of inspiration from the subway tunnels ignored by thousands of ants marching
With his guitar he sings for the moment
Reminding thousands of deaf ears the gift of music

A baby cries confronted by the beast
A grown self looking back praying to return to the safety of the crib

weeping1Billions of cries lost in a digital meteor shower swallowed into a black hole

The burden of life is but an illusion
A magic trick
The explanation written so clearly by the holy prophets
So much clarity to the magic
The trick now becomes the guiding force

One weeping angel frozen in concrete for the crimes of humanity
Forever in tears

A new world world unified not by words, not by actions, not by the promise of a renaissance

Just stop

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