Antagonist of Life – Original Poem

dark1Deep in the swells of our hearts we are all waiting
Waiting for the end of the world

An ugliness of chaos and insanity swallowed up by despair and then nothing
Silence; existent void

We cannot stop time
Merely we can play with its emotions
Tingling, toying and declaring a statement of invincibility
We are but immortal fools

The clock ticks
Louder it seems

Time is running out on the bucket list
Once filled with sunshine, now drowning in sand

We throw props at our maker
Quoting his verse
Buying time with our riches
Like a force field without weakness, the brides bounce off

dark2Wrinkles entered uninvited
Settle until the lease runs dry

Philosophy takes flight
Fear death?
Fear unknown?
We look around for answers and only darkness is clear

It’s all forced agony
Life, the great antagonist
Rolling the dice and forcing your next move

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