The Flight of Captain Mark: The Day I Earned my Wings

wings1There I was, a boy of no more than seven walking through that corridor to that wings vessel and seeing an outstretched hand holding the wings I’d been waiting for all week long.  There it was the symbol of Eastern airlines with gold wings spread ear to ear.

“You earned my wings young man.” she said with a smile. I had.  I closed my hand as tightly as I could. I wasn’t going to lose these.  I was an honorary captain about to fly up into space and come back down at land at Disney World.

Yes sir, Captain Mark will be leading this expedition to the great unknown.  Finally, after what seemed like hours of waiting for all these people in polyester and plaid fumbling with their leather boxy things,  I got to my seat.  I pinned my wings on and bounced for joy.

It was official.

I lifted the metal ash tray door to unlock my imaginary intercom and welcomed the passengers to their flight.

My mom and dad didn’t seem as confident in my flying abilities as I did, but then again who had the wings.

Mission control, we are check for take-off.  The light above my head lit and beeped assuring me all systems checked.

Time for one last system walk through.

  • Tray table latch, check
  • Cushion seat, foamy, check
  • Arm rest, mobile, check
  • Magazine with Farrah Fawcett check
  • Fan, check
  • Seat belt fastened, check

Houston we are ready for lift off, wherever that magical place of Houston is.

Time to let my wings take flight.  Buckle up folks.  This may be a rocky liftoff, but you are now in good hands.  Captain Mark is here to take care of you.


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