You’re Not the Only One – Original Poem

lost1You’re not the only one that feels alone at night
Without direction, without a fight
Trapped in your own desires
Frightened by the thought of another person’s fire
Numb to the piercings of poisoned rain

Loneliness dwindles
The light of a new day rekindles

You’re not the only one who thinks to leap without faith
Who cries without feeling the pain
Digging a grave for a funeral never to be attended

You’re not the only one because you have me
Vulnerable and humble; blessed at the gift before me

You inspire color
Give meaning to this fantasy
My words I give to you
My life I invite to share

You’re not the only one out there minimized by space; corrupted by the hurt; pained by the future

hands1Never more will you be lost
Dump the weight of that back pack of past lies
Feel the burden lifted as you take my hand
Feel the energy of the sun penetrate the surface of your pores as you feel alive once again

Run with me baby; run with the gazelles
Let’s take our direction to new heights
Together in love

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