Last Words – Original Poem

When the words stop forming and the desire has faded away
The mission no longer has meaning

A life fulfilled; or perhaps run a course with no clear ending
A legacy as defined by the rising sun; lonely as the still air

Have lives been touched?
Wrongs righted?
Faith restored?

This has been a life of intimate seclusion
Temporary voids filling the space of time
The touch of her skin; the seduction of a kiss; the silhouette of her shadow in the distance

We will come and go but the river will never seize to flow

For now, these are my final words
One last goodbye sealed with a kiss
This disease inflicted with the first heartbeat takes control

One last night with only my thoughts to keep me company
So much peace in this silence
A welcome invitation

Civilizations in ruins
A bird in flight
A song of hope
A prayer of remembrance

I close my eyes and feel the setting sun.
It’s getting darker

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