Light the Flame of Darkness – Original Poem


The only way out of the darkness is to light the flame

Oh Lord, look into my eyes
See the blackness deep in this coal mine of a body warn by the winds of time
Can you see it?  There is no flame in this hole buried deep where voices cannot be heard

In your eyes, I am blinded by billions of stars centered on one focal point of existence
Bang, there you are dimming the flame of these bodies you have rented to us

Talk to me

Only you can hear below this concrete prison that has captivated me
Only you can penetrate the solid mass of defeat

Talk to me

Help me understand, dear Lord

Everywhere I turn, voices deafen me as blood drips from my ears
Voices so familiar; they are my own
Alone with only these voices to torture me
They won’t stop

I am suffocated by my thoughts

With every plea, they grow louder
With every prayer, they laugh harder

I fight to keep these eyes open, though I cannot see
The air is filled with the lust of evil, engulfing my lungs

I need to light the flame, but this I cannot do alone
Talk to me and lift this weightless body floating in limbo


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