Does a Question Exist? – Original Poem

existSomeday an answer will find us, but do we even understand what the question is

Existence, a punchline in this thing called life
Amused, the jester laughs in the corner of the universe
A joke none of us understand

It is about the journey; the moment of discovery; the ultimate purpose
The climb to the plateau of self-awareness

The mountains win again

Fighting the wind, I find resistance in the past
The soft whisper of her voice, the way she held me tight, the trust in her heart
Young and stubborn, I ran
Bitter and alone retreated to this cave

The roads ahead now broken
Sinkholes to an abyss
The trains have all been retired with only spiders to guard the corridors
Skies filled with grey; grounds dressed in smoke
A sheet of darkness covers a world once filled with color and light
A world unrecognizable to myself

I recycle the slideshow in my head to try and uncover a picture of familiarity, but all that remains is now so foreign to me

No land to call home; no place to call my own

In a sigh, I accept the answer to a question no yet created


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