Searching Through the Rubble – Original Poem


Searching through
Searching through the rubble
Tarnished, blackened, broken

The echo of the holy spirit sounds the fury of the shadow of darkness
The shadow of darkness is but a hoax; an unrealized manifestation of a truth
Heaven is the excuse to travel down the path of darkness

Our Lord fed us a bounty of plenty filled with destructive greed

The pledge for all eternity to carry the name and honor to the next generation
How many children must we bury before we realize we are suffocating in our lies?

Too young; born to fail
Their future destroyed by the bomb
They are blinded by the ash

A promise to protect them under our wings as we pollute their minds with impurity

Stop the false hope
Don’t justify the original sin
The devil slithers no more

Why do we confess to actions we can justify praying for forgiveness when we have the eyes to see right, the legs to walk the path of righteous?

So many hide behind the false claim of insanity tattooing thoughts of hope and love all over this wrinkled skin

Look in the mirror
See the wear
Feel the aching running through your body

Toss the cigarette
Drown the pain in the bottle

How can we look to tomorrow when we cannot correct the now?
The now
The only reality

Destiny is a cycle spinning out of control


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