No Escape – Original Poem


Perched on this branch
Indenture of claw prints from many times before
Sun rises
Sun sets
My contribution to change is to remain the same
No screams, no passion, no dreams
My end will share the same window as my beginning

Fading with each passing day, I see you, my familiar friend
Wrinkles are my only reminder that life flows through these veins
The wind has synced to this heartbeat

New seasons are my salvation
Winter, spring, summer, fall, repeat


Planes fly up above as I create a fairy tale of flying next to that machine free of gravity to places only described in books and magazines
Mother mercy take me away

Perched on this branch, I sip this familiar mocha colored power drink keeping me awake enough to not fall into an eternal rest

There in the diner, my waitress, my friend, worn from a life she has never lived
Abused by solitary confinement
Love missing from her eyes; just a blank stare

Time is meaningless on these streets with dead ends in all directions
I see babies all around; reminders of my childhood
A new generation soon to repeat the same mistakes
Deserted by ambition

Mother tells me this is my destiny
We never change
She tells stories of a different time; not your own

Now I sit perched on this branch waiting for dusk to arrive


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