Fuck #Hashtag – Original Poem


Notice me. Feel me. Touch me.

This digital prison is cutting through my flesh, but I cannot bleed

Do you hear my cries as I shout into this megaphone drowned out by indifference?

I told you I wanted to die
I said goodbye
I posted darkness

My hints served as metaphors for this drowning soul

You didn’t listen to my silent pleas
You ignored passionate tears

Once, our friendship was confirmed
Once in action. Now a button

An acknowledgement of self worth
What was once a life dedicated by human connection is now ruled by numbers

Birthdays celebrated through a notification reminder
Deaths, a hashtag and emoji

What have we all become?
We fear artificial intelligence, but it’s great component is our truth

We lost the ability to feel
To penetrate the senses of another
The power to affect is lost in a jungle of digital garbage

Toys weigh more than lives
Success has a dollar sign

A cliche of madness hoping for a resurrection

Without this hashtag I can’t be found
I’m branded in a prison camp
Tagged to a life of anonymity

I can still cry alone between the sheets taking comfort in my isolation

This mirror remains my friend, my lover, my home


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