Slow Parade of Tears – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Life is a slow parade of tears
We are born with an illusion of invincibility
Trained to store emotion deep in the core of the heart
With a trigger, given the power to take life

Soaring like eagles
Perishing life fallen leaves

On the sidelines, we wait for our turn, looking back at the stream of tears
A wasteland of romance and heartache

A remember her, the girl that gave too much
I have vivid memories of him, a brother in arms
I hear the sound of a Mother crying as she let me go into a world of discovery
A father whose life lessons were set on the foundation of hard knocks

Each step more difficult than the last

I remember fondly, the first time I saw your eyes meet mine
With childish shyness, I turned away
I soon looked back to find you possessed all the power
I feel in love with you

In an instant, I saw our life together until the very last lullaby
It was a story of compassion
Chapters filled with greatness and empty pages of just our thoughts; our secrets

In the distance, the feel of her soft curves as the scorching water penetrated our pores and cleansed our bodies as they pressed close together

Tangled in a web of love vs ambition

Taking to the road alone, I only had the sun to warm my soul
Only her shadow remained as far off as the distant mountains

In the clouds, the smile of an angel
A wicked grin, with lips as red as fire
Outstretched arms further and further away

The rain of ideology burned by the reigns of immortality

A life led with passion scorches
It leaves scars so deep, yet unseen by the naked eye
Hidden truths sheltered in the words of journals
A childhood friend, imaginary in nature, threatened by the fierce winds of reality

This path is salty from years of fruitless tears watched off the shore into the abyss

The road is rocky now
The fog is blurring my vision

This life is truly a slow parade of tears
Tearful hello
Tearful goodbye


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