My Greatest Mistake – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

I wanted to be your greatest mistake
The fool that played in your charade
The jester that stumbled on your laughter
A one in a million chance
The last memory you take on your eternal journey

Fools conned by the dangling jewels of love
The great deception

We broke all the laws
Made love under the stars
Drank the blood of Earth’s wine

I fell off the highest cliff with you
Cut by the trees
Healed by the clouds
Cushioned by the soft cradle of your arms locked into mine

Those nights fate stole away rational thought
Drunk under the moonlight

We danced together
Even fooled the undertaker

We were the perfect criminals
Never a crime, but always in the wrong

06db18ade8ca26526ca5a8b9cbed6f75You made the pain sweet
Covering my insanity with your honey
Swallowing the sweetness of youth was never more satisfying

Now I read your letters and remember your face
My greatest mistake

Never a regret
Always an adventure
Lost caves of crystals and diamonds
Endless seas of unknown lands

You were my drug of choice
A hallucination I never wanted to see clearly
Like a race against time, we piloted at the speed of light

Now, I see
A toast to you, my greatest mistake

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