Where it all began – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Take me to the tracks where it all begin
Our first kiss in the back of the pickup truck
Two kids with a six pack and our whole life ahead of us

We dreamed of riding the rail cars anywhere
Each town a new adventure
Never looking back

It was the American Dream
Our “On the Road” moment
The epic love story
Leave the safe suburban life behind and find our way by only the guidance of the sun

What more could we want?

Make love under the moonlight on a strange open field
Play guitar for a few dollars so we could share a beer by the river

I would promise you the world and shower you with the gifts of nature

Paris of the prairie on Monday
Rural pastures of the Old West on Tuesday
Eggs with the locals on Main Street on Wednesday
Dancing to a live jazz band on the streets of anywhere Thursday

railroad-5889341577494528The weekend is ours
Play on the swings
Read a book in the park

Ponder life and gaze into each others eyes
The perfect story for two lovers with nothing to lose

We sure would knock down the fences
Cross out the rules and live a life without boundary

Quite a dream we had on those railroad tracks
Maybe just a fantasy, but one I still see so clearly in my sleepy subconscious

You are as beautiful as the day we met
Golden hair waving in the wind
Misty eyes penetrating my soul

You had me at hello and promised never to say goodbye
I can still hear your song as the train whistles on its journey across our great country

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