My Hike at the 2017 HireVue Digital Disruption Conference


By Mark A. Leon

The 2017 HireVue Digital Disruption Conference is being held in scenic and picturesque Park City, Utah.  Amidst the tree covered mountains, green pastures and patches of snow on the tips, the setting of this conference is nothing short of spectacular.  Being invited as a corporate sponsor, I have been honored to be part of this wonderful information sharing and vision of the future event.

With every conference, there is a culture of networking and relationship building.  There is also a great deal of standing, sitting, eating and listening.  To neutralize the inactivity, HireVue has built in a wellness program featuring morning hiking and yoga.

Being of the Jack Kerouac free-spirited lifestyle, I took to the rocky path alone and not with the group to stretch my body and mind.

I wanted to share my journey in photographic images.  Come and enjoy this mornings brisk hike through the quiet nature preserves of Park City.


























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