A Victim of This Sexual Dance – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Yours was a passion that killed
Every heartbeat a song
Every nail scratch on my back a permanent tattoo of our love

A tiger without regret
Wild in the forest
Ruthless, lethal with unbridled sexual power

You are the dream, we all possess
The hot sweaty nights in mental bondage
Screaming for more; aching for just a single touch of the fantasy

That is your game
Roll the dice
Eagerly, waiting the next move

Stripped naked I eye my predator
Tied down, powerless in this blackness
Eyeing me with every quiet footstep
In the darkness, the glow of your eyes fore shadow the impending doom of lust
My body quivers

You sense the weakness
Drooling for a taste of my lips
A gentle bite, the taste of blood
The sinful animalistic tone

I hear your laughter in the silence
Feel your breath
Ache for the pain

In the moonlight the curve of your breasts tease like the jester in an erotic play
Now, is the moment
When beginning and end come to an explosive union

What will become of this prey
A victim of this sexual dance

Play your game
The fire inside burns
Abuse, use, but leave behind a memory of the love hidden in the fantasy
Let me never awake from this dream

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