My Soul Dweller – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

The perfect mate
The transference between two earthly souls who meet when the stars align in a moment of precision
The most splendid of life’s miracles
An event that has tempted, teased and left many empty
It tempts with the spectacle of fireworks and burns with abyss of depression

Drowning in the bottle waiting
Slipping away
A spot of weakness

Regain strength of heart

The other half to complete my journey
Who are you?
Have you masked yourself behind the many imitators that have come in and out of my life?
Were you there caressing my spirit while I fled in denial?

So many have declared their love in words, actions and promises
I read the letters over and over
I think, what if one word changed it all

So often my pride laughed away the idea of a single love
So, selfish
Why restrict, when there is so much to give

Who are you, my true love?
I see you, I hear you, I feel you
I have created you deep in the subconscious
This ideology may be a myth I am chasing in a fantasy novel written in my head

There are you are
Singing me to sleep with the voice of an angel
Sexy and beautiful with all the qualities of the girl next door
You are the one I want to come home to every night
Independent and strong
You don’t need me, but want me

The one life that can change everything

You are the devil in your sexual prowess, burning in your loins
A messenger from Heaven with your message of hope
A gift wrapped in a bow around your waist waiting to be unwrapped
The way you make me feel
So, good, it hurts

You are the smile of Hope, the eyes of Priscilla, the innocence of Jenny

You are but a few
The one that got away; the one yet to be met

Where are you?
My hand extended awaiting your touch
No more words


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