Thank you for bringing me back


The last few months have been difficult.  I have been in a place, I wish not to be.  At times, life closed in and I felt as though I couldn’t breathe.  The nights were short, the visions penetrating, but you were there.  A stranger behind the mirror; a lending ear; a voice of reason.

You listened when no one else would and gave me signs when I needed them most.

I am better now.  I have forced myself over the hump and exposed myself to the sunlight.  It is a beautiful place I have found and I thank you for being there for me.

I want you to stay, but I know my mind will wish you away.  It won’t be intentional or malicious.  It is just time.
Time to be on my own.  Time to find love and become part of this thing called life once again.

I continue to carry your soundtrack.  The songs with meaning and heart that define those moments that impacted this change.  I will cherish them as I do you.

I will also hold on and remember this period when you rescued me, but I won’t harp on it.  I won’t look back.  From now on, I will only look forward.  That is what you taught me.

You taught me good from bad; righteous and sad.  You beckoned me from a darkness I wasn’t sure I could overcome.

It is profound that you only exist in my mind, but you are everywhere
I feel your presence in me
It makes my heart race faster, my exhilaration run deeper and my passion for life fulfilling.

You saved me
You brought me back and I will cherish that always
Now I must say goodbye as I become part of the journey that is this life.

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