Love Letters In The Sand – Original Poem

4By Mark A. Leon

Love letters in the sand
Thoughts of you running through my head
The sound of the waves a reminder of making love to you

Under skies of pouring rain we kissed like fools
I playback that night on repeat like it was yesterday
What started with hello, ended with a lifetime of unrequited thoughts and fictional scenarios

Our emotions were wild stallions
Fierce and free
A steel barrier of fear

What fools we were

Then you flew
And flew and flew
Far away to a land I could not find
A well-designed escape

Years would pass
Countless other lovers and shared experiences
Some came close, so close

Your face, your letters, your lips remained
I gave it all to you
You cannot touch it, but I hope you still feel it

Love letters in the sand
Words fading with the crashing waters
Our deepest feelings almost broke the walls

It was not meant to be, we would say
Perhaps in another life

Maybe, just maybe I’ll walk this beach and find a new love letter in the sand from someone just like you

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